Coverwrap Program Results


  • 90%     Were aware sponsor selected them to receive special messages
  • 82%     Had read sponsors announcement letter
  • 74%     Found Coverwrap message to be useful and/or informative
  • 80%     Graded Coverwrap program “above average” compared to others
  • 58%     Learned “something new” about the sponsor via the Coverwrap
  • 78%     Coverwrap program positioned sponsor positively vs. Competition
  • 37%     Are now more likely to purchase from the sponsor
  • 67%     Say their perception of the sponsor has been enhanced
  • 96%     Valued reading the magazine chosen to be sent compliments of sponsor

As a result of the Coverwrap program…

  •  45%         Visited sponsor’s website
  • 34%         Considering a positive action
  • 18%         Purchased product/service