What does patient centricity really mean?

Patient centricity in your communications efforts will drive the most success for healthcare and wellness brands. We’ve talked about it before on our social media pages, and there are numerous articles and studies now coming to the same conclusion. It’s no longer a “the tail wags the dog” relationship regarding patients making health-related decisions based on their healthcare provider’s assessments. It’s very much a mutual decision-making process.

With over 50% of patients reporting that they make the final decision for their health, whether it’s a procedure or a treatment regimen, brands must show greater reverence for the patient where their product is ultimately consumed. However, brands must be wise to not think patients are going to be convinced to select a drug or treatment in the same mode a healthcare provider selects it. What’s more, being truly patient centric requires the perfect balance between message, timing and environment. In other words, some traditional avenues for point-of-care messaging may not fit the “patient centric” model effectively. In fact, we believe this has introduced a classic situation in which the Coverwrap program has become more relevant than ever before.

Combined with mobile technology enhancements available at every point of care, the Coverwrap program is helping usher in an era where patient engagement has evolved into true relationships that live beyond the exam room. It’s strengthening brand loyalty and improving prescription adherence.

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