The 21st-Century Patient

Patients are more involved than ever in their healthcare journeys. With 52% of patients recently reporting that they initiate new treatment discussions with their physicians, how you engage them has never been more critical.

And how your brand becomes a knowledgeable and credible source for patients taking control of their health is a big challenge. But the solution is simple:

With Coverwraps’ unmatched credibility and multi-channel access, you have a unique opportunity to immediately educate, engage and empower patients and families in a meaningful, memorable way. It instantly positions you as the source to help patients become more informed and comfortable with their personal health.

Healthcare providers continue to lead the charge, but brands that decide to dive deep into immersive and beneficial engagements with informed patients when it matters most, will also matter most. To learn more about the Coverwrap program, contact Publishers’ Alliance Corporation at  or 772.231.9496.


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