Measuring the results of your marketing and sales efforts

Babson B2B Covewrap

Today’s marketing and sales departments are inundated with options for reaching their target audience. The validity of these options can be addressed ad nauseam by any team member or sales person offering a specific “optimal strategy.” The qualifiers for their chosen strategy then follow. Often near the top of qualifiers is a point addressing how the “strategy” is measured. Measurement is certainly important, but sometimes it becomes clear that while a team member knows “how” they will measure, they do not directly address what they will measure, why they measure it, and what the result means.

Is it increased brand awareness, new social media followers, blog subscribers, website traffic, or all of the above? Or even better, does it lead to increased sales? Every marketing, sales and management team must address these issues regularly and be held accountable. So shouldn’t the platform or channel be held to the same standard? We say, “of course!”

In this age of big data and measurement, it has become easier to trick ourselves into believing our efforts are producing successful results. Results are no longer difficult to come by, but are they the ones you originally sought at the onset of your program? It’s imperative that when we establish a marketing program we also know exactly what results we want to achieve within a set period of time.

With PAC’s business-to-business Coverwrap platform, we combine all of your marketing efforts into our platform for a solid year. We guarantee 100% delivery of your market. That’s unmatchable for most channels and platforms. Our clients typically want to target decision makers and influencers in the C-Suite to raise awareness among buyers throughout an entire year. The other primary goal is to actually impact new sales within that same year.

How refreshing to have such a targeted purpose and only two goals to measure! To see our results, check out a few case studies here. Due to the fact that our platform guarantees 100 percent delivery of your highly targeted audience, the results score high in the areas of increased brand awareness and new sales. For that reason, our business-to-business Coverwaps program experiences a 90% renewal rate among our clients. When used for maximum efficiency, the Coverwraps program can also target your social media, public relations, website visits and mobile engagement initiatives within your target audience.

We welcome an opportunity to hear about your goals and share more details with you. To start the conversation, contact us at

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