Cross-channel Optimization with Coverwraps and Mobile Platforms

Today’s patient is constantly connected to information and sharply aware of their personal needs, wants and opportunities. In this increasingly connected environment where information is readily available to satisfy our inquisitive minds, the point-of-care setting is one of the few remaining opportunities in which our target audiences literally have time on their hands and are receptive to new information. It is in this setting that we have a real opportunity to engage, educate and empower our audience – and when creative is really in tune – inspire them into action.

The “point of care” is most commonly considered the offices of healthcare providers (HCPs) and, while this is true, the point of care also includes pharmacies and hospitals. In each of these environments, we find an audience with a keen sense of awareness. This includes physical, mental and emotional awareness. Finding a way to engage that awareness requires the appropriate opportunity, which is best reached through a recognized and trusted source.

Yes, technological hardware can certainly upgrade the look and feel of a waiting room, and pamphlets offer rich information for an in-depth follow up, but we still need to engage the patient with a voice of comfort and trust during their experience. That’s where our media plays its most critical role. We speak to the patients and caregivers through an already recognized and trusted medium. In other words, we’re past the trust stage and on to a legitimate engagement that empowers our audience to have a conversation with their HCPs and pharmacists. [Fun fact: A recent survey by Inspire found that 52% of patients now take a direct role in deciding on treatment options with their doctors.]

Staying engaged and of value along the patient’s journey means moving with them from the point of care, where the conversations with their HCPs and pharmacists occur, to their cars, homes and offices so patients can remain engaged and empowered through their trusted mobile devices. By leveraging our media coverwraps to connect with patients beyond the decision point we can help to ensure this opportunity is achieved. Very few media offer the same, rich opportunity to cross-channel optimize like print and mobile.

So, as you are considering how best to achieve your goal of becoming a valuable part of the patient’s healthcare journey, think first about where the most value can be delivered. This is almost always achieved through prime, cross-channel optimization opportunities. What better opportunity to empower the patient than beginning at the point of care and moving alongside them beyond this setting, directly into the conversations with their other HCPs and family members? Only the coverwrap program, paired with a mobile engagement strategy, can truly achieve this experience. To learn more about how it works, contact us at to schedule a meeting.

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