Point-of-care marketing is critical to your channel mix for sustaining, revitalizing or launching brands in the healthcare provider (HCP) ecosystem

Point-of-care marketing is integral to prescription sales. For three decades, Publishers’ Alliance Corporation (The Coverwrap Company) has helped sustain, lift and launch over 90% of the top 25 pharmaceutical and biotech companies. As the original proprietors of the coverwrap marketing strategy, we’ve witnessed how patient engagement, through trusted and recognized third-party media, can raise brand awareness for a product or treatment and consistently increase year-over-year sales.

Coverwraps have proved fruitful in engaging directly with core customers and patient demographics in large numbers over a sustained period, giving way to impressive returns on investment (ROI). For example, in a recent point-of-care campaign, our client directly attributed a 40:1 return for one drug to a single, year-long coverwrap marketing campaign.

Coverwrap marketing continues to generate sales for new and existing brands as well as agencies seeking to sustain, improve or launch prescription sales. A recent story featured by our friends at MediaPost.com, Why Pharma Needs An Integrated Point-of-Care Marketing Strategy, delves into how point-of-care marketing is critical to any pharmaceutical, biotech, or healthcare brand seeking to make patient education and engagement a key component to their sales growth.

In our next PAC post, we’ll discuss the value in cross-channel optimization at the point of care, including how coverwrap marketing is the strongest asset available to your mobile strategy.

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