Thoughts on Effective Advertising Communication – Chapter 10

Tripper PhotoLet’s begin this segment with the first step.  Establish the TRUE SIZE of the audience you seek to reach and influence.  500, 5,000, 50,000, or 500,000?

In fact, as you evaluate who you must reach, it’s less than 5,000 isn’t it?

Oh yes, you can beef up the target count by adding Financial or Recruit concerns.  But the primary object for the budget is what you must focus your budget dollars on.  And, that audience is less than the gross 5,000 rather it’s the primary 1,000 which means targeting is prudent and possible.

In fact, targeting is wildly prudent in terms of dollar efficiency and effectiveness.

First and foremost, put your target in focus.  Who are these people?  Know them!

How important are they in your 2014 experience?  They prove to be the whole ballgame.  Once you know who they are, it’s easy to select a publication that will find favor with them.  Sending each one of them the magazine which is their favorite … will trigger a reciprocal response which forces them unconsciously to pay particular attention to you and your message.

Now if you put your message in 4-color on the Front and Back covers of their favorite magazine SEVERAL times a year, guess what, you can be assured that it will get through … the attitude toward you will become more positive and the likelihood is that when one of your people ask for a meeting with the recipient … they will get it!

Now that’s intelligent advertising … and we can do this for you!



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