Thoughts on Effective Advertising Communication – Chapter 9

It’s that time of the year again to budget your advertising and select your audience setting the creative for the points you wish to make.  Importantly, you have to carefully evaluate the people you choose to reach and their media preference. 

Considerations:  what is the TRUE size of the audience you MUST reach to sustain your business in 2014?  A close evaluation will determine that the audience you seek to reach is much SMALLER than the audience delivered by the media you’re thinking of using. 

And … you have to take into account that even though the audience of a specific medium seems to match your demographic target, running ads in it will reach only about 40% of that audience; people just don’t read all the ads. 

Research shows that no more than 40% of the audience will see/read any print ad and many ads will be seen by less than 20% of the subscribers of a specific publication. 

So all of the dreams and aspirations of a magazine’s advertisers are flawed when they believe they’re covering its larger audience.   

Given the complex nature of memory, only a small percentage of those who actually see an ad are able to recall it an hour later. 

So the advertiser has a challenge: 

What to do … There is a perfect solution ! 

1.  To assure full coverage of your target audience, we can put a copy of their favorite magazine directly in the hands of each of your select targeted audience. 

2.  We will place your ad on the COVERS of that magazine. 

3. Having chosen the magazine that is your target’s favorite, and placing your message on its covers, you can be  assured 100% coverage of your target with enhanced impact of your message.  

All this for a smaller budget than your old, inefficient communication link …

and still the most effective of all media options ! 

“Coverwraps Work !” 



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