Thoughts on Effective Advertising Communication – Chapter 8

Ads That Work !

Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus … and YES there is a way to reach your Key Audience (500 to 5,000*) with 100% assurance that your message will be both read and accepted.

It’s the same old story, you get what you ask for and by targeting your message precisely, you will get the result you seek.

So which medium will produce the most for you? Certainly one which personalizes your message. One that approaches the target bearing gifts and one which gives you enough space to tell the story (and even show it, if you please).

So be quick now – why advertise? What can you expect from ad efforts?

First and foremost, one can expect wider recognition of one’s firm name plus product identification and awareness (i.e., when one thinks of chewing gum – Wrigley comes to mind).

As often occurs, ads make people think which can result in direct inquiry which then can lead to a sale.

Talk among potential users of and about the product offered to potential buyers/users but also to current users/customers, and those on the periphery of your market.

But before you create the ad, there are a few points to consider:

• Which aspect of your product is most likely to capture the attention of potential buyers?

• Which audience is most important to you? Current … or past clients … or new contacts who may know very little about your firm or what you are selling but have not been a client in the past?

• What can be done to assure your ad will be seen/read?

• Personal relationships with potential and current clients are the best; can you make them happen?

• Timeliness; can you maintain your communication program for extended periods: 52-104-156 weeks?

• Can you arrange for your top managements’ exposure to clients and prospects?

• Which is the best environment for your message?

• Color or B&W?

• Is expensive creative critical for your message?

• Response mechanism?

* Oh yes, (a 500 to 5,000 audience) will cover your needs even though you advertise in media which reaches 2,000,000 or more. How? Simple ! Tighten your evaluation of who is REALLY important to your marketing and corporate advertising goals.

‘Til next time.



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